Nollywood. Nigeria’s film industry. We churn out thousands of films in a year. A few, good. Most, I can’t stand. It’s funny; I watched many Nollywood films as a child, mostly rented from video clubs. Those were the good old days, yea? But, I’m not nostalgic. Over time, as I noticed the difference between American…Continue Reading “I’ll stop being too hard on Nollywood. Here’s why.”

Can you write a story in 300 words

I love short stories. I’ve always considered flash fiction my thing, so much that I’ve almost completely written off the idea of writing a full-length novel. 2 months ago, I challenged myself to write a series of short stories, 300 words each. Each episode would continue the same story. I christened this baby of mine…Continue Reading “Can You Write a Story in 300 words? I Tried and Here’s What I think.”

  It’s the penultimate episode folks! Episode 7 is a continuation of Awkward Muslimah Moments in episode 6. I’ve got Zainab, Aisha and Toyeebah on this one with me. In this episode: 1. Salat alarms going off in public (yikes!). 2. Managing natural hair as a hijabi. And the BIG one… 3. Muslims not shaking…Continue Reading “Awkward Muslimah Moments Part 2 – Episode 7 – Yoruba Igbo Muslimah – eNarrate”