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5 Kinds of People in a Queue

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5 kinds of people in a queue


5 kinds of people in a queue

I hate queues, especially when most of the people in the queue are unruly. It’s a punishment. I was punished with queues in uni, I was punished with queues in NYSC camp, and I’m being punished again as I queue to get registered for my voter’s card.

Why go through all this stress to vote for someone who would…never mind.

Onto the topic of this post; 4 kinds of people in a queue.

The Chancers

Pass me a gun, please. These are the most annoying people. They come late and somehow find their way to the front of the queue. They don’t care if you’re older or female (Yes? Any problem?). They are often lousy and like to put up a fighter stance. If you’re in this category, repent.

The Pained Chancers

These ones are Chancers who have been caught by others who refuse to allow them cause disorder. Sometimes, they spit fire and sometimes, they quietly accept their defeat. Either way, these suckers are sent to the back of the line.

The Quiet Ones

I’m in this category 9 out of 10 times. Many people are in this category actually. They just look on while all the chaos is going on. Sometimes, they protest when a Chancer misbehaves. They’ll be angry, but they won’t fight. Y’all are cool, but don’t you think it’ll be hella fun to team up and drag those annoying Chancers out of the line?

The touchy feelers

These ones push, shove and stand WAY TOO CLOSE to you on the line. Like, what the hell?!!! If this is you, stop it now!!!

The Hell Raisers

This is me 1 out of 10 times. Sometimes, I describe myself as a volcano. I’m quiet and very calm, but when you don’t expect it, I’ll erupt and when I start, I don’t stop.

Last time I was like this was NYSC camp. About 3 huge guys came from nowhere and stood in front of me. It started gradually with hisses, then I really went off as they got cosy where they were standing. To make it worse, they and others around me were warning me. At that point, I couldn’t care less if they were going to beat me up afterwards. Wouldn’t they be ashamed? Beating up a girl that’s pretty much an ant compared to them. Eventually, they backed off and one or two said sorry. What nonsense!

How about you? Why kinds of people have you noticed in queues???

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2 thoughts on “5 Kinds of People in a Queue

  1. And there’s THE GHOSTS.
    These are mostly in ATM queues. You’d never notice their presence but would immediately come out of the blue when it gets to their spot and claim to be in front of you. And the judges around there would be like yeah “him been dey here since”. What would you do? He owns the spot legally. Lol

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