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Is your name such that few people ever get it right? Mine is! In fact, I started spelling my name as Korayday rather than Korede, so people could see how it’s pronounced. My name got murdered by Igbos so many times that at a point, even I started to mispronounce it myself.
You know what else is a problem with Nigerians and names? The way Yorubas twist and break Arabic names so much that you have no idea what the original name was. This is part of why I never used to like telling people what my Arabic name was.
In this episode, I explore mispronounced Yoruba names and Yoruba versions of Muslim names. Is it compulsory for a Muslim to take a “Muslim name?” My opinion on the subject is unpopular, but hey…Who said unpopular was wrong? 😉
Please listen and let me know your thoughts.


Korayday is a multi-media creative. She's a ghost copywriter who writes fiction and daydreams about making films in her spare time. Korayday is the creator of the Yoruba Igbo Muslimah podcast, a foodie, and part-time cyborg. Find her work on her blog,

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