Can You Write a Story in 300 words? I Tried and Here’s What I think.

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Can you write a story in 300 words

I love short stories. I’ve always considered flash fiction my thing, so much that I’ve almost completely written off the idea of writing a full-length novel. 2 months ago, I challenged myself to write a series of short stories, 300 words each. Each episode would continue the same story. I christened this baby of mine ‘Energy’.

Why did I start Energy?

Well, I don’t like reading as much anymore. There’s so much content on the internet and so little time. I struggle to read anything that’s too long and I began to wonder how many words a writer would actually need to convey a message. And that’s how it started. Mission: to see if I could tell a compelling enough story in 300 words. How did I come up with 300 words? I have no explanation for that.

Is it possible to write a good story in 300 words?

Yup. It’s possible to write a good story in 300 words, but it’s not easy. There’s so much you have to think about to ensure you produce a story that’s worth the reader’s time. One thing you’ll always have working against you is the fact that you simply don’t have enough time to make a lasting impression on the reader.

So, did I ‘win’ this challenge?

Well, I don’t know if winning is the right word, but I’ve come to a conclusion after my little exercise: ‘write your story in as many words as needed.’ The keyword is ‘needed’. Don’t use fillers to make your story longer. Cut out the junk, but at the same time, don’t restrict yourself to a mere word count. Whether a story is half a page long or a thousand pages long, it should do one thing: connect with the reader.

What’s the ideal length for a short story?

There’s no such thing.

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4 thoughts on “Can You Write a Story in 300 words? I Tried and Here’s What I think.

  1. Gbam👍 This is my first time on this site. And I can’t believe we still have people creating unique contents like this.

    Nice one Koraday. Keep it up. As a student and freelancer I have been wondering I have tried several times to write less than 300 word because of most visitors in Nigeria dnt want to read long articles or guess is the platform I work for.

    But this your article your gave me a clue.

    Thanka for this piece.

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