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Energy – Episode 2

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Finally, it’s morning. The rains just won’t stop, so the mosquitoes are always buzzing with their bellies full of blood. But the mosquitoes are only half the reason why I dread nightfall.

Once the sun has set, it becomes a problem to do anything. I can’t cook or wash, and Mamudu is such a…kai! Who would believe that I’m still a virgin? Two months into a marriage! I hate the dark, but this makes me hate it even more.

Now that the Company is here, we’ll soon have light and television like Gidi. They said our own will even be better than theirs. 24-hour supply! Mamudu doesn’t trust the Company, but he doesn’t know anything.

As I sit on the stool I’ve carried outside, I wonder how they’ll pay in electricity. They installed meters in every house, but if we get electricity for our labour, doesn’t that mean we’ll have no money?

Hajara is the first one to head in the direction of the Company. Foolish woman. She’s been owing me 2 Naira for many weeks. I’m going to pretend that I don’t see her as I know she’ll pretend not to see me.

Not long after Hajara, I see Nisa and the girls. I have to join them.

“Salam!” I hurriedly gather my veil about me, making sure it doesn’t brush against the ground.

“Ey, Nisa!!”

“Salam alaykum.” I assume the pay is also on the girls’ minds, given their tone.

“Wa alaykum salam. Kai.” I respond, breathlessly.

I walk with them and we chat about our husbands’ responses to our letters all the way to the Company. There’s a crowd of women here. It takes a few seconds for me to realize it, but there’s not a single man. Only the women got letters.

Korayday is a multi-media creative. She's a ghost copywriter who writes fiction and daydreams about making films in her spare time. Korayday is the creator of the Yoruba Igbo Muslimah podcast, a foodie, and part-time cyborg. Find her work on her blog,

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