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Energy – Episode 5

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I’m a good pretender, I know. Or maybe a bad one who is too stubborn to say anything. Until I reach a tipping point, that is. The surprise on Mariam’s face. I could tell that she didn’t expect Nisa to say anything.

Did she really think the woman would keep it to herself? Why did she even tell her in the first place? Is not a disgrace to still be a virgin 3 months into a marriage?

Everyone will blame me. Mamudu, the weakling. Mamudu, the man who knows nothing.

“But Mamudu, it it normal?” More rambling and she hasn’t apologized even once. “We haven’t been able to consummate our marriage for 3 months and you expect me to keep quiet?”

“Haven’t we been trying?” At this point, I can’t keep my voice down anymore.

“Kai! Why are you shouting? The last time you tried was 6 weeks ago!” Of course, she’ll blame me. I’m the one who’s supposed to make the move. I’m the one that’s supposed to do the trying. I’ve never seen a woman the way I’ve seen her and she expects me to just know how it’s done.

“Ah!” The pain is not new, but it’s sharper now than ever.

“What is it now?l

“My eyes.” It’s bad enough that my sight is dimming. These eye aches and headaches are just torture. As Mariam places her palm on my forehead, I imagine she regrets marrying me even as I itch to slap her hand away.

We hear a sound at the door and both look in that direction before looking back at each other. Can it be? Mariam picks up the letter we suspected would be there. We know what it is once we see it. It’s my turn to get a letter from the Company.

Korayday is a multi-media creative. She's a ghost copywriter who writes fiction and daydreams about making films in her spare time. Korayday is the creator of the Yoruba Igbo Muslimah podcast, a foodie, and part-time cyborg. Find her work on her blog,

2 thoughts on “Energy – Episode 5

  1. Such suspense full write up, got me digging for more and hoping the plot will unfold. I would definitely like to see where this goes, that’s if you would want to do away with forcing your readers to be limited to the minute word count it will take to make an explicitly understandable story.
    That said, the crises are relatable and authentic, not minding your tight-fisted rule with words.
    Amazing work! Eshe.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Solomon! I actually started this series as a challenge to see if writing a cohesive story in 300 words was doable. By the time I got to episode 5, I figured good storytelling isn’t about how many words you write. It’s about creating an experience for the reader that keeps them engaged. That’s why I stopped writing it. This story I definitely have plans for in the future. I hope you’ll read it then when it’s in it’s proper form. Thanks again!

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