It’s the penultimate episode folks! Episode 7 is a continuation of Awkward Muslimah Moments in episode 6. I’ve got Zainab, Aisha and Toyeebah on this one with me. In this episode: 1. Salat alarms going off in public (yikes!). 2. Managing natural hair as a hijabi. And the BIG one… 3. Muslims not shaking…Continue Reading “Awkward Muslimah Moments Part 2 – Episode 7 – Yoruba Igbo Muslimah – eNarrate”

In case you missed it, episode 5 of Yoruba Igbo Muslimah is up! Titled ‘Looku Looku’, in this episode, I look at:   1. Why people stare at hijabis.   2. What to do/say when people act weirdly or ask weird questions about your hijab.   3. Dealing with the pressures of the ‘eyes on…Continue Reading “Looku Looku – Episode 5 – Yoruba Igbo Muslimah – eNarrate Version”